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Top 10 Investment Banks by “Prestige”


top 10 investment banksIf you are serious about an exciting career at the top 10 investment banks, take some time today to research on the following “A-list” in investment banking.

The traditional “bulge-bracket” investment banks have been seriously shaken up — quite a few have been rescued by their lesser-known competitors, and one spectacular bankruptcy.

So who are the new top investment banks after the financial crisis? You are welcome to start a debate in the comment section.

My Top 10 Investment Banks by “Prestige”

Obviously not everyone will agree with this, but here is my take on the investment banking competitive landscape after the financial crisis:

Goldman Sachs

The most veneered investment bank famous for their relationship with the most powerful corporations, governments, and for their highly profitable proprietary desk. George W. Bush’s Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Morgan Stanley

Neck-to-neck with Goldman Sachs, though losing some of its glamor in the financial turmoil a few years ago.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Rescued by Bank of America during the 2008 financial crisis, this traditional bulge-bracket firm has a highly-regarded investment banking and retail brokerage business.


Arguably a bank with the most valuable brand name, Citi is a truly global bank with full financial service. It was weakened by the 2008 financial turmoil but remains a financial powerhouse.

J.P. Morgan

An Investment Bank traditionally for the wealthiest families and corporations. Take the time to check out its legendary CEO, Jamie Dimon.

Deutsche Bank

The bank has been seriously building up its Investment Banking business. With sound financial discipline the firm came out stronger after the 2008 financial turmoil, but is suffering in the latest economic uncertainties in Europe.


A European Bank with uniquely strong in both Investment Banking and Private Wealth Management. However, the bank’s balance sheet and reputation has been hit hard by the recent financial turmoil.

Credit Suisse

Another European bank strong in investment banking and private banking, although the business is affected by the turmoil in Europe.

Barclays / Lehman Brothers

I suppose everyone knows about the spectacular fall of Lehman and the subsequent sale of its US business to Barclays. Both of them are strong in bonds so the new Barclays has emerged to become one of the top bond houses despite all the difficulties going on at Lehman.


A global bank with its roots in UK, with unrivaled Asian footprint. The investment bank business is traditionally outside of the bulge-bracket but they have been actively building up this business.

Other Regional Powerhouse:

  • BNP Paribas – largest bank in France
  • ING Group – a European investment bank with decent global footprint
  • Société Générale – 2nd largest bank in France with investment banking arms in US and Asia
  • Macquarie Group – the most ambitious Australian investment bank aggressively growing its international presence
  • Nomura Securities – a big player in both Japan and non-Japan Asia after picking up Lehman Brother’s Asian business

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