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SIE Exam Dates 2024: How to Schedule an SIE Exam


Finding SIE Exam dates is a matter of first deciding how and where you want to take the exam. After all, if you take the SIE exam online on your own computer, you can take it any time a remote proctor is available. But if you’d rather go to a Prometric testing center, you’ll first need to enroll with FINRA to learn the specific SIE test dates. Regardless, we recommend purchasing your study materials and completing your SIE exam prep before scheduling, though. Therefore, this post has everything you need to know about scheduling your SIE exam.

What are the exam dates for the SIE Exam?

SIE Exam dates for 2024 use open enrollment windows. Essentially, that means you can take the test any time you want. Furthermore, the FINRA exam windows refer to the 120 days you have to schedule and take your exam after you enroll. Within those 120 days, you can schedule an upcoming SIE Exam date at your convenience.

How do I enroll and schedule the SIE Exam?

To open your testing window, you’ll need to first enroll with FINRA. First, you’ll select the exam you wish to take. Then, you’ll create an account and pay the exam fee of $60. And finally, you’ll receive your FINRA ID or CRD (also known as your Central Registration Depository ID), which will allow you to schedule your FINRA exam.

Where can I take the SIE Exam?

You have two choices to take the SIE exam: either at a Prometric testing center or remotely on your own computer. We’ll go over both of these methods.

Taking the SIE Exam Remotely

If you prefer the comfort of your home or office, you can take the SIE Exam on your own computer. However, be aware that your environment will need to meet some requirements to gain approval. Besides, the SIE is not an open-book exam. As a result, FINRA takes some steps to ensure that test-takers are honest. You will need:

  • A movable camera OR an un-docked laptop with a large free-standing mirror
  • The ability to download and install the ProProctor application
  • A stable WiFi connection (test before beginning)

Before the exam, you’ll download and install the ProProctor program and perform a system check. This check will ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to deliver the exam. When you log in to take your exam, a remote proctor will conduct a 360-degree inspection of your environment. The proctor will also ask to examine your sleeves and pockets for prohibited items. This inspection is similar to the ones that occur at a Prometric test center.

While you’re taking the exam, you aren’t allowed to leave the computer or obstruct the camera without permission. You can take scheduled breaks if you need them, though. For more information about FINRA exam online procedures, consult the organization’s Online Test Appointment page.

Taking the SIE Exam at a Prometric Test Center

If you need testing accommodations or if your computer setup doesn’t meet FINRA’s requirements, you can schedule security exams at a local Prometric test center. As with other professional exams, you’ll go through Prometric to find FINRA testing center locations. Once you’ve enrolled, you can visit Prometric’s website to select your state, enter your FINRA ID/CRD and name, and select your Prometric SIE Exam date. Moreover, you can also call the Prometric Contact Center at (800) 578-6273 for SIE Exam dates and locations.

Testing procedures for SIE Exam dates are similar to most other standardized exams at Prometric. For example, you’ll need to arrive 30 minutes early and bring a current government-issued ID. Prometric center staff will provide you with a locker in which to store any personal items. Although you can’t bring a personal calculator to use on the test, Prometric will provide one for you, along with scratch paper and pens.

Surgent SIE Review Essentials PassWhat about other Series exams?

Most securities professionals don’t stop with the SIE Exam, which tests a basic level of securities industry knowledge. Instead, they specialize by taking one or more so-called “Series” exams in their area of expertise. For instance, securities professionals will frequently tackle the Series 9/10 and Series 99 exams in addition to the SIE Exam.

Scheduling other FINRA Prometric exams basically requires the same steps as the SIE exam dates. Before you can schedule anything, you must enroll to open your 120-day testing window. This enrollment will also give you the FINRA ID you need to access exam dates.

How to Schedule Series 3 Exam

You can take the National Commodities Futures Exam online or at Series 3 testing centers throughout the country. You’ll first need to enroll at FINRA’s Series 3 website.

How to Schedule Series 6 Exam

To see the Series 6 exam schedule, first, create a FINRA account and enroll to take the exam. From there, you can choose your Series 6 test dates.

How to Schedule Series 63 Exam

The Uniform Securities State Law Examination may be taken online or at any Prometric Series 63 testing center. Simply create a FINRA account to enroll for your testing window.

How to Schedule Series 65 Exam Prometric

To access the Series 65 exam schedule, enroll with FINRA by creating an account. You’ll have the option of taking the exam remotely or at a Series 65 testing center. Find Prometric’s Series 65 exam dates by clicking on their scheduling page and choosing your state.

How to Schedule Series 66 Exam

The NASAA Uniform Combined State Law Examination is also offered by FINRA, and you sign up for it the same way you do the other Series exams. Create a FINRA account, enroll, and choose whether you want to take it remotely or in person.

Securities Exam Prep

How to Schedule Series 7 Exam

To sign up for Series 7 online, first, create a FINRA account. Series 7 exam registration requires a FINRA ID, also known as a CRD, which you can only get at FINRA’s website. Only then will you be able to go to Prometric’s scheduler to look for Series 7 exam dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the SIE Exam offered?

SIE Exam test dates are year-round. If you choose to take the SIE Exam remotely, you can schedule it whenever you like. If you’d rather go to one of the FINRA testing centers, which operate through Prometric, you’ll need to enroll before you can look at specific SIE test dates.

Can you change the date of your SIE Exam?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel any FINRA SIE Exam dates. However, you must do so at least 10 days before your appointment to avoid paying fees. If you cancel or reschedule within three to 10 business days, you’ll have to pay a $40 fee for SIE Exam dates. For other Prometric FINRA exams, the fees are higher – up to $175. Likewise, if you cancel or reschedule within two business days, your fee will be much higher – twice the earlier amount. You’ll also have to re-enroll to open a new 120 window.

Unfortunately, FINRA doesn’t have a hardship policy to waive these fees. Essentially, your SIE Exam change date is 10 business days before your appointment.

Therefore, try to avoid changing your date in the first place. For instance, if you’re trying to change your date because you’re not ready yet, maybe switch to a better SIE review course. If you need some suggestions, I’ve compiled reviews of the best SIE exam courses.

How will I know where to take the Series 7 exam?

As with most other Series exams, you can take the General Securities Representative Qualification Examination remotely online or at any Series 7 testing center. You can register for the Series 7 exam at FINRA’s website and enroll to open your 120-day testing window.

How much does it cost to book an SIE Exam date online?

The fee to take the SIE Exam is $60 whether you take it remotely or at a testing center.

If I fail the SIE Exam, how soon can I take it again?

If you fail the test, you will usually need to wait 30 days before re-enrolling to take it again. However, if you have failed three or more times in a row, you’ll need to wait 180 days from your last attempt before trying again. In either case, you must pay a new exam fee every time you re-take it.

Can I schedule my SIE Exam with Prometric on the same day as another Series exam?

Yes, FINRA and Prometric will allow you to schedule back-to-back testing appointments on the same day in a single online transaction. Since many professionals take the SIE Exam as a precursor to other professional securities exams, this is not uncommon. However, you must take the SIE Exam first, and you won’t receive a break between appointments. You can also schedule exams on consecutive days, but you must do so as two separate online transactions through the Prometric scheduler.

If I need testing accommodations for the SIE Exam, how should I request them?

FINRA complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act by working with Prometric to provide testing accommodations to candidates who need them. For example, you may need extra time or a private testing room. First, you’ll need to fill out FINRA’s Testing Accommodations Eligibility Questionnaire and the Testing Accommodations Verification Request Form.

Then, FINRA will notify you of the requested accommodations they can provide. Finally, you can schedule with Prometric after your requests have been granted. If you need accommodations, you will need to take the SIE Exam at a Prometric testing center, not remotely.

How far in advance should I schedule my SIE Exam dates?

Once you’ve completed your SIE exam prep and you’re ready to take the SIE Exam, you can enroll with FINRA. Although you’ll have 120 days after enrolling to take the test, consider scheduling it about two to three weeks in advance. This will give you time to postpone within your scheduling window if you need it.

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