My Progress [draft]



I regained my momentum after knowing this is doable. If you remember my post a month or so ago, I did take the time to work on my 3 statements. This is by far the best decision — I am now so much confident in FRA questions because I know how the items flow from one to another.

I have been playing around with my simple financial model so much, that I can now confidently answer the dreaded questions on how the increase/decrease of items affect one another.

I am now working hard to find creative ways to study this way. Passive reading and reviewing doesn’t work for me. Working on practice questions is less passive, but I learn the best by playing around with numbers or concepts.

For those who hate Economics, this method should work for you as well. Take the time to draw a graph and ask all the “what if” questions, covering as many scenarios you can think of. By the end of the mentally exhausting exercise, Econ questions become the low hanging fruit. Give this a try!

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Sam H

I was originally from Illinois, now working in New York City as a financial analyst. I am aiming to take (and pass!) the CFA Level 1 exam in June.

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