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Investment Banking News and Updates: Your 5 Best Sources


investment banking newsHere is my list to get best-quality investment banking news if you would like to stay updated with the latest i-banking trend.

You can find:

  • The latest development of the investment banking field
  • Current competitive landscape
  • Biggest issues faced by the industry
  • Action of the movers and shakers

5 Best Places for Investment Banking News

#1. Financial Times. My favorite. Comprehensive yet selective and well-written articles that provides a macro view on the investment banking industry.

#2. Bloomberg / Business Week Online. A e-newletter with user-friendly layout that help us stay on top of industry trends.

#3. New York Times. A wide range of good articles that cover investment banking and the general investment community.

#4. Dow Jones eFinancial News. An extensive coverage but one may find it a little bit overwhelming.

#5. Banking Times. Daily investment banking news with more focus in Europe.