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Investment Banking FAQ: 25 Most Common Questions from Readers

investment banking faqInvestment banking is not the main discussion on this site, but since both of us worked as bankers before, we’d like to share some of the insider views on what banking is all about, what people do, the culture and hierarchy, top players and last but not least, how to break into this industry.

Investment Banking 101

Investment Banking Jobs in Real Life

How to Break into Investment Banking


Resume Tips

Interview Tips

Planning Your Careers

Banking Landscape

Top Players

Selected Company Overview and Interview Tips

League Tables and Latest News

  • John / Stephanie says:

    Hi but then there is no such thing as an investment banking exam… Do you mean Series 7? Stephanie

    • Amory says:

      The series 79 is an investment banking exam.

      • John / Stephanie says:

        Oh yes that’s right. But you can wait for a while to take the exam, definitely after you get an investment banking job in my opinion.

        Unlike the CPA/CFA/CMA, I don’t think it makes you a better i-banking candidate if you have taken the series 79. Le t me know if you think otherwise.

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