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HOCK Stream: CMA Videos & Study Support from HOCK International


Have you used HOCK stream yet? It’s a new monthly subscription service from HOCK CMA Review that offers CMA videos, direct online video access to instructors, and other CMA study support. But is this CMA exam supplement appropriate for everyone? Well, I was given a first look at this new bundle by HOCK International. And in this article, I’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the HOCK stream service. In addition, I’ve shared some HOCK CMA discounts if you want to try this subscription yourself.

Who Is HOCK International CMA Review?

HOCK stream is a new subscription, but HOCK International has actually been in business for about two decades, helping candidates around the globe study for their CMA exams. HOCK is best known for its comprehensive CMA prep courses, which are some of the best out there. In fact, HOCK has been ranked as one of the top CMA courses for several years, especially for visual learners who like studying with videos. Several of the CMA videos, including the “CMA with Brian Hock” series, are hosted by Brian Hock himself, who actively participates in creating HOCK’s study materials.

How Does HOCK Stream Work?

HOCK stream is easy to access online. Essentially, it combines the two most well-liked elements of HOCK’s comprehensive courses: CMA videos and individualized support from HOCK’s team of CMA experts.

Your HOCK stream subscription includes the following:

  • Access to the entire catalog of CMA HOCK videos, including “CMA with Brian Hock,” step-by-step tutorial videos, CMA short courses, and videos that give you practice answering MCQs and CMA essays
  • The ability to contact HOCK CMA experts during their live online office hours
  • The option to join a private social+study network that HOCK set up for CMA candidates

Materials Included with a HOCK Stream Subscription

1. HOCK’s CMA tutorial videos & “CMA with Brian Hock”

To begin with, you can watch all of the HOCK step-by-step videos with your HOCK stream subscription. You can also watch the “CMA with Brian Hock” series. When studying for the CMA exam, these short videos are excellent because they go deep into the exam topics. They are also a useful tool for CMA beginners who need more than a cursory review of the material to pass the exam.

HOCK Stream Video Catalog Ipassfinanceexams.com

2. Videos that show you how to answer CMA questions and essays

Second, HOCK has produced videos showing how to respond to the CMA essays and multiple-choice questions. I think the essay videos are especially good for anyone who is nervous about the writing portion. They are also a useful addition to your studies if you’re taking the CMA exam again and need a few additional points to pass.

3. HOCK’s CMA short courses

You can enroll in the CMA HOCK short courses as part of this subscription, too. HOCK has short courses that cover different portions of the CMA exam, and they cover the key ideas that are the most important for you to understand. Also, the HOCK instructors go over several sample CMA essays and multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Before taking the exam, I recommend taking these short courses—they are a great refresher for accounting veterans and go into enough detail to be useful for accounting newcomers, too.

HOCK Stream CMA Videos Ipassfinanceexams.com

4. Personalized assistance during live office hours

I was excited to learn about the live office hours when I first reviewed this new HOCK service. The CMA experts at HOCK (who, by the way, are all excellent lecturers) really “sit” in an online office during set office hours. At this time, you can videoconference with them and speak with them in person to ask questions. It’s almost like having a private CMA exam tutor but at a much lower price point.

5. Participation in a social/academic network

And finally, when you sign up for HOCK stream, you can join a members-only social community. In actuality, HOCK offers two groups for individuals taking the CMA exam: one group for Part 1 candidates and a separate group for Part 2 users. Connecting with other CMA candidates is simple, thanks to the direct access to this network from the HOCK stream website. When you’re feeling the pressure of the CMA exam, you can ask questions of other members, find a study partner, and get assistance from the community. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to reach out to fellow candidates who understand what you’re going through.

HOCK CMA Stream’s Advantages

1. CMA videos taught in a classroom by qualified instructors

A CMA video can be really boring if you’ve ever attempted to study with one. And a boring video makes it difficult to learn. When you study using videos that aren’t engaging, in my opinion, you’re wasting your time.

Thankfully, HOCK has a track record of producing videos that keep you interested in the exam subjects. The videos begin with instructors teaching you the CMA topics in a classroom-style setting. Many of the instructors use the computer screen like a chalkboard and write out solutions to problems or draw graphs to help you understand a particular point. To be more specific, unlike some other CMA videos, you won’t have to sit through tedious PowerPoint presentations that totally lack a personal touch.

And actually, Brian Hock himself hosts a lot of the HOCK videos! Due to his extensive teaching expertise, Brian is skilled at breaking down challenging issues into manageable chunks. I like the extra work that HOCK has put into its library of CMA videos, and the other HOCK instructors are just as interesting.

Moreover, Closed Captioning is usually available in the HOCK videos (CC), too. As a result, if you enable CC while watching the videos, concepts will be reinforced as you read and listen to them simultaneously. The HOCK CMA videos will be helpful regardless of whether you learn best visually or audibly.

HOCK Stream Classroom Videos Ipassfinanceexams.com

2. Convenient on a mobile device

Both your computer and mobile devices will accommodate the HOCK stream service. HOCK has created easy-to-use apps for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. As a result, it’s convenient to download the app and study for the CMA exam whenever you have extra study time. I watched a few HOCK stream videos on my cellphone, and it was easy to use.

3. Trial offer!

You can even register for a free one-week trial of HOCK stream if you’re interested. Again, the trial is easy to join, and you’ll immediately get access to everything HOCK stream offers. You’ll receive a reminder from HOCK when your trial is almost over, and you can decide whether to keep going with a monthly subscription. So by registering for the free trial, you have nothing to lose.

HOCK CMA Stream’s drawbacks

1. CMA exam lectures & support, but not a full CMA review course

I can only find one “drawback” of HOCK stream, which is more of a general observation than a drawback. Although the HOCK streaming program has many benefits, remember that it is most effective when utilized as a CMA exam supplement. It’s not a whole review course, in other words. It, therefore, excludes extensive written study materials or a CMA textbook. In the same way, you cannot use HOCK’s CMA test bank with this subscription. (You can, however, purchase the HOCK test bank separately.) Also, as you might expect, HOCK stream lacks any samples of the CMA exam, making it impossible for you to complete a timed mock exam (which is a good tip for ensuring you’re ready for exam day).

Still, your CMA preparation may benefit greatly from a HOCK stream subscription if you use it along with a full CMA review course.

Price of HOCK Stream CMA + My HOCK Discounts

A HOCK stream subscription will only set you back $29 a month. But if you already know you’ll be studying for the CMA Test for at least a year, you’ll save some money by purchasing an annual subscription, which costs $299. Of course, you always have the option to change your mind, and you can cancel your monthly subscription as soon as you pass your exams.

  • HOCK CMA stream month-by-month: $29 per month
  • HOCK stream annual subscription: $299 per year

In addition, I have HOCK CMA discounts, including one that is only available to I Pass readers.

Take Me to the HOCK Discounts

My Last Remarks on HOCK Stream

So, in conclusion, HOCK CMA stream has something to offer everyone studying for the CMA exam. It’s a helpful tool for anyone wishing to complement their CMA study, regardless of whether they are a CMA novice, close to passing their exams, or have already failed one attempt. Plus, this subscription is affordable, and the combination of videos and personal support makes adding HOCK stream as a CMA exam supplement to your existing studies a no-brainer.

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