My Game Plan for CFA Level 1, Second Attempt


game plan for cfa level 1Sam is our first CFA exam blogger. He was born and raised in Illinois, working in New York and planning to retake Level 1 in December.

I haven’t been talking specifically about my CFA preparation, but I have started studying since I paid my registration fee for Level 1 exam in December.

If you are in similar situation and decide to give December a try, take note of the regular registration deadline that is coming soon, in August. You will be paying $1,380 instead of $930 if you miss that.

My Progress

I’ve got to tell you that I’ve started a weekly jog with Sally on Saturday mornings. In order for that an action to become a habit, one needs to do it for 66 days (yes, I read it from a book called The One Thing. I will write more about in another post).

I am not sure how a weekly activity is considered in this 66-day rule, but I will make sure nothing stops me in the next two months. Glad that Sally is all into this with me. Still need to find time to discuss my whole CFA / career grand plan with her.

I have been following the 30 day challenge religiously. It does amazing things to my body, especially my back, which used to hurt from time to time.

Exactly 3 Months Left

3 months seems sufficient, considering I’ve read the entire CFAI text and have done most of the practice questions. The problem is, the prep was obviously not enough last time. So where do I start?

My Game Plan for CFA Level 1

I’ve almost cleared my to-do list. Time to put in the new ones.

First, I am going to take a closer look at my exam results again, to identify my weaker areas. Those will be the first line of attack.

Even before this exercise I pretty much know FRA and Econ are the biggest area, followed by Ethics, and probably fixed income. For the rest, I either did well or the weighing is small.

Then, I’ve got to check out Wiley one last time before committing to the course. I really should get this going this week.

After that I will try to complete as many Wiley questions as I can, especially the mocks.

How does it sound?

Latest To-Do List

  • Find an aerobic exercise
  • Find a way out with Sally
  • Analyze exam results
  • Sign up for free trial from Wiley CFA
  • Work on Wiley practice questions
  • Take the mock exam

Note from Stephanie

Sounds good! Nothing to add except to stay strong and positive 🙂

For other readers, here is the exam calendar for the June and December exam for your reference. Some deadlines are coming up in September.

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Sam H

I was originally from Illinois, now working in New York City as a financial analyst. I am aiming to take (and pass!) the CFA Level 1 exam in June.

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