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Important CFA Exam Dates 2021 (Don’t Miss the 2021 CFA Registration Deadline!)

CFA exam dates and scheduleThe CFA Exam dates and deadlines are pretty much the same every year: the exam is scheduled every June for all levels, and every December for Level I only.

So, the CFA exam opens its registration a year before, and early-bird deadlines close 9 months before the exam date.

In 2020, the CFAI will offer the CFA exam on 3 different June CFA exam testing dates.

  1. The Saturday, June 6, 2020, exam date is applicable to:
    • CFA candidates in the Americas and EMEA countries
      • All 3 Levels of the CFA exam
    • Asia-Pacific CFA candidates
      • Only Levels 2 and 3
  2. The Sunday, June 7, 2020, exam date is applicable to:
    • Religious alternate exam date candidates in the Americas and EMEA
      • All 4 Levels of the CFA Exam
    • CFA candidates in the Asia-Pacific countries
      • Level 1 only
  3. The Monday, June 8, 2020, exam date is applicable to:
    • Religious alternative exam date candidates in the Asia-Pacific region
    • All 3 CFA Levels

Registration for the June 2020 exam opened in late August 2019.

So, why are there 2 June 2020 CFA exam dates instead of just 1? Because the CFAI is dedicated to maintaining exam dates for candidates across the globe. Therefore, to meet the needs of candidates looking for the traditional June CFA exam date and those observing religious holidays, the CFAI is offering two exam dates in 2020.

June 2020 CFA Exam Dates

Date Action Fees (USD)
August 8, 2019 Registration opens  — 1
October 2, 2019 CFA early registration deadline $700 2
January 2020 (estimated) Mock exams available 3
February 12, 2020 Regular registration deadline $1,000 4
Early February Awareness scholarship application deadline
March 11, 2020 Final/Late registration deadline $1,450 5
March 16, 2020 Religious alternate date request due 5
Mid-April Test center change request deadline 6
May Exam admission tickets become available 7
June Exam Exam dates vary based on exam part and religious observation requests 8
July CFA results release 9

Notes on CFA Registration Deadlines

1) Mid-August, 2019: Opens for Registration

  • Applications may register for the exam as early as 12 months before the exam.
  • You can choose to take the sample exam upon registration. However, this is optional and it will cost US$40 for two sets of exams.

2) October 2, 2o20: CFA Early Registration Deadline

  • The first deadline for registration
  • CFA program applicants are required to pay a one-time enrollment fee as well as the exam registration fee. In contrast, only Level I retakers and Level II/III takers need to pay the exam fee.
  • If you register and pay by this date, you get an early bird discount (save US$280 on CFA fees).

3) January 2020: Mock Exam Available

  • Unlike the sample exam, a mock exam is available free of charge for each registrant.

4) February 12, 2020: Regular CFA Registration Deadline

  • The fee is $300 higher than early registration, but still $450 lower than the last deadline in March.

5) March 11, 2020: Late CFA Registration Deadline

  • Last chance to apply for the CFA exam for this window.

6) Mid-April 2020: Deadline for Test Center Change Request

  • You can log in to make the changes online before this date.

7) May 2020: Admission Ticket Available

  • The ticket is available online only.
  • Please remember to print a copy of this ticket on clean, unused paper, and bring it on the exam day.

8) June 6, 7, and 8, 2020: Exam Day

  • June 6 – Exam Day: Asia Pacific (Levels II and III); Americas and EMEA (all levels)
  • June 7 – Asia Pacific (Level I only); Religious alternate exam date (Americas and EMEA, all levels)
  • June 8 – Religious alternate exam date (Asia Pacific, all levels)

9) Jun – August 2020: Grading and Results

  • Grading is done in June and July
  • Results are available in late July for Level 1 and 2. However, results are released in August for Level 3.
  • You can learn about the historical pass rates

December 2020 CFA Exam Dates

These dates are based on historical dates because only a handful of dates for December have been released by the CFAI.

Date Action Fees (USD)
January 2020 Registration opens  — 1
Mid-March CFA early registration deadline $700 2
Upon Registration Mock exams available 3
Mid-August Regular registration deadline $1,000 4
Early September Awareness scholarship application deadline
Mid-September Final/Late registration deadline $1,450 5
Mid-September Religious alternate date request due 5
October Test center change request deadline 6
November Exam admission tickets become available 7
December Exam dates vary based on exam part and religious observation requests 8
16 June Exam day for Level 1 in the Asia-Pacific 8
Late January CFA exam results release 9

Should You Take the CFA Exam in December?

There are a few points to consider. For example, do you have enough time to study for Level 2 next June? You won’t know the Dec exam results until late January.

Also, if you celebrate any holidays in December, take into consideration that you may have a more difficult time studying in December, and possibly through early January.

Click for the Pros and Cons of the Dec Exam

Frequently Asked Questions from Readers

1. When is the CFA Level 1 exam date?

You have 2 opportunities to take CFA Level 1 each year. Please refer to the charts above for deadlines.

2. How about the CFA Level 2 and 3 exam date?

You can only take Level 2 and 3 once a year (in June). Please refer to the chart above for exact dates.

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