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CFA® Prep Course Discounts & Promos [CFA Discounts for 2020 Exams]


CFA® discounts and promos are available on many of the most widely used CFA courses. We’ve got the best CFA prep course discounts available right now, so check out the codes below to begin saving on the CFA exam! Plus, we’ve just updated the coupons for 2020 CFA discounts.


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Princeton Review CFA Discount

princeton review cfa

Save when you purchase the Princeton Review CFA Quiz (Mock Exam)!

Princeton Review CFA Code
Princeton Review CFA Discount

princeton review cfa

Save $100 on your Princeton Review CFA Materials!

Princeton Review CFA Code
Level I AdaptPrep CFA Promo Code – Save 10%

Save 10% with this Level I AdaptPrep CFA discount code.

Get it before the offer expires!

AdaptPrep CFA Level 1 Discount
Level II AdaptPrep CFA Discount – Save 10%

Save on your Level II AdaptPrep CFA materials with this AdaptPrep discount!

AdaptPrep CFA Level 2 Discount
Level III AdaptPrep CFA Discount Code – Save 10%

This Level III AdaptPrep CFA discount will save you 10% on your entire purchase.

AdaptPrep CFA Level 3 Discount

CFA Exam Prep Discounts

These CFA exam prep discounts are provided to readers of the I Pass Financial Exams website. We work hard to secure discounts from all available CFA review providers. Not all review providers offer a CFA discount; however, we do encourage our readers to search for CFA discounts before making a CFA course decision. You may find that there are more cost-effective courses that are just as good, if not better, than some of the big-name courses that do not offer discounts.

Best CFA Exam Courses

We have carefully compiled all the available CFA review courses and provided our analysis on each course. You can find detailed information here. If you have any CFA course or CFA discount questions, please contact us.

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