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CFA Charterholder Lookup: How Can One Verify the Status?


CFA charterholder lookupIf you work hard towards your CFA designation, the last thing you want to see is someone who falsely claims him/herself to be a CFA. Is there a charterholder registry that people can look up and validate the title?

CFA Charterholder Lookup

CFA Institute used to mail you a physical copy of member directory, but as the list gets longer and longer, the directory is now available online.

Note that the search is case sensitive. Also, if you type in a name that is slightly different from the registered name, the results won’t show up. Therefore, if you can’t find the name of the person, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not a CFA — it is best if you can ask for his full name (as shown in passport) for checking.


For example, if the person’s name is Rob Taylor, you can type in Rob* Taylor in case his full name is Robert Taylor. However, if he is known as Bob Taylor, typing Bob* won’t lead you to “Robert” Taylor.

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