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CAIA Uppermark: Pros and Cons


CAIA uppermarkUppermark has been providing CAIA study guides for candidates since the inception of the exam. The company was founded by Dr. Padideh (Paddy) Jalali, CAIA, who remains the CEO and is an important member of the faculty team.

Uppermark is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. Its CAIA study prep materials are available for candidates around the world.

CAIA Uppermark Product Offerings

Uppermark has four tiers of offerings: Suite, Premium Suite, Diamond Suite, and Platinum Suite.

1. Suite package ($499)

Includes CAIA study handbooks (printed or ebooks), test bank software, formula sheets, and a study calendar.

2. Premium Suite ($649)

Includes the materials listed above, plus a final review.

3. Diamond Suite ($849)

The Diamond Suite package includes everything in the Suite and Premium Suite packages (except that it doesn’t include a final review), plus on-demand video lectures, course lecture notes, and live faculty workshops. What’s more, users also have the ability to email their instructors with questions.

4. Platinum Suite ($979)

Includes all of the above features but also includes a final review.

You can also buy each product separately.

Pros of CAIA Uppermark

1. 100% Focused on the CAIA Exam

Uppermark published the first CAIA study guide for candidates. It remains the only review course provider that focuses on the CAIA qualification alone.

2. Impressive Faculty Members and Thoughtful Service

The faculty members have PhDs in Finance. Therefore, you can be sure that you’ll be taught by instructors who are truly experts in their fields.

Uppermark increases both staff and office hours during the two-week CAIA exam period. Email support is also provided to aid customer service after US office hours.

3. Wide Product Offering

Apart from the review courses, Uppermark offers study handbooks, test bank software, flashcards, and formula sheets, as well as live phone and email support.

These services compare to the officially endorsed CAIA study guide, which is essentially one big textbook. Because of this, many candidates get the Uppermark test bank software (or Schweser Qbank) as a supplement or skip the textbook and get an integrated package from either Uppermark or Schweser.

Cons of CAIA Uppermark

1. Not Official or Global Brand

The official CAIA study guide is now available and is the only one endorsed by the CAIA Association. Uppermark’s other major competitor, Kaplan Schweser, is the biggest CFA exam review course provider and is a global brand in the test prep market.

If either an official endorsement or a global brand gives you more comfort, Uppermark may not be your top consideration.

My Conclusions about CAIA Uppermark for the CAIA Exam

There isn’t an absolute “best” CAIA study guide, but there is one that suits you the best. Always pick one that fits your own background, study style, and budget.

You can check out Uppermark on its official website or learn more about the other CAIA study prep providers.

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