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5 Reasons to Go for the CAIA Designation


caia designationThere are lots of certifications that you can get as a finance professional. Why do you want to take the effort to put CAIA on your belt?

1. The CAIA Designation is a Mark of Distinction in Alternative Investment

The CAIA program specializes in alternative investment — the fastest growing segment within the investment business.

If you would like to get your foot in hedge fund, CTA, real estate, and private equity fund management, or aspire to become chief investment officers, consultants to institutions, family offices, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, investment analysts, regulators; due diligence officers, asset allocators, capital introduction specialists, fund administrators… this is a designation that you should seriously consider.

Several organizations, including the SEC, PAAMCO, Citigroup, and Credit Suisse, now use the CAIA examinations as an essential part of their professional alternatives training program.

2. The CAIA Designation is Complementary to Other Professional Titles

Many of you may see CFA and CAIA as competing with each other; in fact, they can be seen as complementary.

If you are a CFA, you may be interested to know that the CAIA program qualifies as CFA’s continuing education requirements. In fact, an increasing number of CFAs are working towards the CAIA charter to position themselves with an edge in the alternative investment niche.

In addition, completion of the CAIA program exempts members from the following exams:

  • Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA)
  • The UK Actuarial Profession – STO Subject

Check out other CAIA exemptions here.

3. It’s Not Overcrowded (Yet)

The CAIA Association was established in 2002 and has 8,000 members in 2016. Unlike CFA with hundred of thousands of members, there aren’t a lot of CAIA charter holders around (yet) and it is a good way to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

4. Lots of Networking Opportunities

Chapters and events give our members around the world an exclusive opportunity to meet one another and enjoy speakers and panel discussions on important topics to the AI community. These are priceless networking opportunities to help advance your career to new levels.

5. The Process is Relatively Straightforward

Many financial professional designations, notably the US CPA, has high barrier of entry. As a new player, the CAIA Association makes it relatively easy to get eligible for the CAIA program: there is no educational requirement for the exam. As long as you are willing to work hard and learn the materials, you will earn the designation and the recognition.

Once you pass the CAIA exam, you can become an affiliate member. After fulfilling 1 or 4 years of experience (depending on your educational level), you can earn your full charter.

Want to Get This Wall Certificate?

CAIA designation

Many candidates can get the CAIA designation within 1 year. It’s your turn now!

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