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Best SIE Exam Prep Courses for 2024: Plus SIE Test Prep Discounts


Searching for the best SIE Exam prep courses online? Well, you came to the right place. The Security Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam is a medium-difficulty standardized test for professionals who work in the securities industry. It’s a prerequisite for a number of other specialized so-called “Series” exams, too. Thus, the SIE Exam is one of the first exams you’ll take, so you need to be prepared. Here are our recommendations for the best SIE Exam prep courses online.

About the FINRA SIE Exam

If you want to work as a registered representative in the securities industry, you’ll need to take the SIE Exam. Although passing this test doesn’t qualify you for registration, it’s an important first step.

The SIE is a fairly new test. In fact, the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) just created the SIE test in 2015. In addition to the SIE Exam, FINRA also created specialized “Series” exams to test beyond the industry fundamentals. As a result, many of the SIE test prep companies listed in this post also have courses for these Series exams.

SIE Exam Content

The SIE Exam takes an hour and 45 minutes to complete and contains 75 questions. Specifically, you’ll be tested on four main topics:

  • Knowledge of Capital Markets – 12 questions (16%)
  • Understanding Products and their Risks – 33 questions (44%)
  • Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts, and Prohibited Activities – 23 questions (31%)
  • Overview of Regulatory Framework – 7 questions (9%)

FINRA helps potential test-takers by providing an updated SIE Exam PDF that breaks down what you’ll need to know. FINRA also provides a single, untimed FINRA SIE practice exam to help determine your level of readiness. However, for most test takers, these free materials aren’t quite enough. Therefore, most candidates invest in SIE courses to ensure they pass the exam on the first try.

How to Prepare for the SIE Exam

Simply put, using an SIE test prep course is the best way to pass the exam. However, not all courses are the same. While all courses contain some kind of SIE Exam book or SIE Exam study guide, the best SIE Exam prep courses online also include videos, practice questions, and simulated exams, as well. Beyond the basics, you can find prep courses for all different types of learners. For example, some study guides are geared toward users who prefer listening to lectures. Other courses offer live instruction for users who need more personal support.

Fortunately, most of these courses are relatively inexpensive compared to other professional exams. Basically, you can expect to pay between $50 and $250 for a course. The more features a course has, the more expensive it is, of course. In addition to having all the material in one place, a good SIE prep course will help you create a study plan. FINRA recommends studying for 30-40 hours for this exam, but you might need more or less, depending on how familiar you are with the material. The best SIE Exam prep courses online are those that make studying efficient and effective.

Best SIE Study Materials


Securities Institute of America

Surgent SIE Achievable ExamFX Knopman Marks Kaplan




$149 $99 $100-$210 $250-$475 $99-$229



Print and digital

Online study manual Digital only Digital (print extra) Digital only Print and digital

Print or digital


12 hours

No No Yes 23+ hours Short reviews

Short lessons

Live classes


No No Yes Yes Yes



Live chat

Unknown None Instructor support Live Q&A Instructor Link


Q bank


2,400+ 2,000+ Exams only Yes Yes


Practice exams


2 20+ At least 2 4 Unlimited


Length of access

6 months

4 months 12 months 90 days Unknown 5 months




Money-back Unclear Money-back None None

Pay once

Best feature


ReadySCORE performance indicator Adaptive learning Guarantee Live classes Q bank Wiley SIE has been discontinued
Discount code


IPASS25 IPASS (10% discount) icanpasscpa@examfx.com N/A N/A N/A

Best SIE Exam Prep Courses Online

Whether you just need an SIE study guide PDF or a full review package with SIE practice exams, our list has you covered. Here’s a review of the best SIE prep courses available in 2024.

Securities Exam Prep

Securities Institute of America

First on our list of best SIE Exam prep courses online is the Securities Institute of America (SIA). As the name suggests, this company puts out review courses for many Securities Series exams and has one of the best Series 9 & 10 study guides and best Series 99 guides, too. And it now produces SIE Exam material, as well.

Securities Institute of America Courses

Although SIA only offers one full review course package, it also offers several study tools a la carte. If you already have a different SIE Exam textbook, you can purchase just the review software, which comes with practice exams too. Similarly, you can purchase the video classes by themselves or bundle them with an SIE test bank of multiple-choice questions.

Review Course

Software Package Video Classes Videos + QBank

Study Guide



$49.95 $59.00 $85.00


Printed textbook (free shipping)

SIE Exam prep book PDF

12 hours of video lectures

1,000+ MCQ test bank

Live chat/phone support

Unlimited randomized exams

Two checkpoint exams

GreenLight exam and guarantee

6 months access


Use Code PASS10

If you take and pass SIA’s GreenLight Exam, you’re guaranteed to pass the actual SIE Exam. If you don’t, you can receive your money back from SIA. Additionally, if you’re taking the securities essentials exam in combination with other Series exams, SIA allows you to bundle test prep packages for Series 6, 7, 22, 57, or 99. Finally, with any purchase, you can save 10% with the code PASS10.

What We Like

SIA’s SIE Exam Review course is well-priced! Furthermore, you can purchase the company’s securities industry essentials exam study guide and other study materials separately. This means SIA’s SIE Exam prep course is useful on its own or as a supplement to other materials. The video lecture content is substantial, and both the full review course and the software package come with plenty of practice questions. Finally, the GreenLight Exam and its accompanying guarantee are excellent providers of peace of mind as you get ready to actually take the exam.

What We Don’t

Unfortunately, SIA doesn’t offer a free trial of its software or the other SIE Exam study material included with the course. As a result, it’s hard to gauge in advance if the material will suit your study style. Additionally, there’s no option for live classes, as the video lectures are pre-recorded. And it’s unclear how extensive the chat and phone support are, too. If you like to have concepts explained to you personally, you may need to pick another review course. Finally, SIA’s 90% SIE pass rate is actually lower than that of some of these other courses.

Surgent SIE Review

Surgent just recently released its first SIE review course, although the company has a long history in the financial exam review industry. Nevertheless, more course options may be added in the future.

Surgent SIE Review Essentials



Customized study plan

ReadySCORE readiness indicator

Adaptive learning software

Surgent Pass Guarantee

Test bank with 2,400+ questions

2 full-length practice exams

4 months of access

Use Code IPASS25

What We Like about Surgent SIE Test Prep

You get quite a lot for a reasonable price tag, including the largest SIE question bank currently available. Additionally, while other courses have adaptive learning platforms, Surgent’s is the only one with the ReadySCORE progress indicator. This takes some of the guesswork out of studying, giving you updated information on your likely exam score and how much you have left to study. Surgent’s Pass Guarantee is generous, offering your money back if you complete the course and your ReadySCORE indicates that you’re ready to pass.

What We Don’t

If you learn best from video lectures or live classroom experiences, you’re out of luck here. Surgent’s SIE review requires you to have a good bit of self-motivation and a high tolerance for studying text on a computer or mobile screen. Despite the large SIE test bank, you only get two full-length practice exams. What’s more, your study time is limited to four months.

Finally, this SIE course is brand new. Although Surgent has a great reputation as a test prep provider (the Surgent CPA course is a candidate favorite), the SIE product doesn’t have a track record yet.

Achievable SIE Test Prep

While there’s only one package for the Achievable SIE Exam course, it’s extremely affordable and comprehensive. All of Achievable’s proprietary content was created by FINRA instructor Brandon Rich.

Achievable Test Prep



Online textbook

Flashcard quizzes

Adaptive learning platform

Progress tracking

Test bank with 2,000+ questions

20+ full-length practice exams

12 months of access

Start with Achievable!

What We Like about Achievable SIE Review

In addition to the excellent price, Achievable SIE offers a complimentary preview of its content and software, giving you some SIE Exam study materials for free. Achievable’s software actually adapts to your strengths and weaknesses as you go along, making for a more efficient studying process. You’ll not only receive more full-length exams and practice questions than with most other courses, but you’ll also have access to them longer. The Achievable SIE review offers a generous 12-month period of full access and updates.

What We Don’t

The Achievable website states, “Pass the FINRA SIE. Guaranteed.” However, there’s no information about an actual money-back guarantee or even a greenlight exam that acts as a readiness indicator. While the price can’t be beaten, you also don’t receive any live support or even video lectures. Therefore, the Achievable course is far more suited for self-studiers who can learn from reading text. And, unfortunately, Achievable doesn’t sell its large SIE test bank separately.

ExamFX Review

Unlike Achievable, the ExamFX SIE review has options for audiovisual and classroom learners as well as self-studiers.

Live Online Package Video Study Package Self-Study Package




Interactive learning portal

Online exam simulations

Readiness exam

Guarantee Exam

Instructor support

On-demand video lectures

Digital flashcards

Live virtual training courses

Money-back guarantee

90 days of access


Additionally, you can purchase the printed versions of the study guide (basically an SIE textbook), flashcards, and an SIE Exam tips sheet, but only as add-ons to the existing packages. Note that you can also save money with our special ExamFX discount code icanpasscpa@examfx.com.

What We Like about ExamFX Review

ExamFX’s Live Online Package is the least expensive SIE Exam prep class on our list that offers live instruction, though not by much. Even if you choose the Self-Study Package, you’ll have access to live support. Although you can’t purchase the print versions of the materials without buying a package, at least you have access to them if you prefer physical study aides. Finally, ExamFX’s money-back guarantee is very clear based on your completion of the Guarantee Exam.

What We Don’t Like about ExamFX SIE Review

Ninety days of access to an online SIE course is substantially shorter than most courses, and it’s a mere half of the industry average of six months. This access length isn’t entirely a deal-breaker, since the SIE Exam doesn’t tend to require as much studying as some of the more comprehensive professional exams (like the CPA Exam). However, it’s something to take into careful consideration.

Knopman Marks

An established provider of prep courses for a number of securities exams, Knopman Marks offers a single comprehensive course for the SIE Exam plus an add-on for live classes. However, you can also purchase the live courses separately.

Comprehensive Course

All-Access Pass




Digital textbook

Training Center digital study hub

23 hours of video lectures

Digital flashcards

Benchmark and diagnostic exams

Downloadable supplements

Online question bank

iOs mobile app

Client Success Team Support

SIE Vault Review Videos

1-hr virtual onboarding call

Ongoing hour-long Q&A sessions

Livestreamed faculty-led classes OR blended prerecorded lectures and live faculty review

What We Like

With the most video content of any provider on our list, Knopman Marks is likely the best SIE Exam prep course for visual learners. You can even try a free demo of the company’s software platform and progress tracker. Additionally, the All-Access Pass provides an impressive amount of live support. Finally, the company boasts that “99% of candidates who pass our benchmark SIE exam on the first try pass the actual exam” – an almost unbelievable statistic.

What We Don’t

The Knopman Marks Comprehensive Course is already the most expensive SIE prep on our list and adding the All-Access Pass nearly doubles the price. And despite the high price tag, Knopman Marks doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. Additionally, the pass rate is so high that it strains credulity a bit, or at least makes you wonder how many test-takers have actually used the Comprehensive Course.

Kaplan SIE Exam Prep

Would any list of test prep companies be complete without a Kaplan product? For the SIE exam, Kaplan offers three full packages. You can purchase other Kaplan SIE study material separately, too.

Premium Package Essential Package Basic Package Individual Study Tools


$199 $149


Print and PDF textbook


Interactive study calendar

Performance tracker

SecuritiesPro Qbank


Unlimited randomized exams

Practice exam

SIE Exam tips and content updates

Checkpoint exams

Video library

Midterm exam

Live virtual classes

On-demand prerecorded classes

Print and PDF class notes

Mastery Exam


InstructorLink support

5 months of access


In addition to a full-length practice exam, Kaplan offers the purchase of a Mastery Exam, which essentially is a second practice exam with unique questions. You can also purchase an additional five months of access to your Kaplan course for $49 and a set of either digital or print flashcards for $29.

What We Like

Kaplan’s exam simulation is about as close to real test conditions as a prep course can get, and the Mastery Exam provides a second shot at this simulation. The Premium course comes with InstructorLink support, which allows you to ask questions directly to SIE experts. And the fact that Kaplan sells its Securities Industry Essentials book as well as its Qbank and Mastery Exam separately means you can even use these tools as supplements to another course.

What We Don’t

Unless you purchase the Premium package, the SIE book PDF or print copy will be your primary study source since the video reviews are short. Additionally, the two less-expensive packages come with no access to live help at all. Once again, despite this course’s relatively high price tag, there’s no money-back guarantee.

Wiley SIE Exam Prep

Wiley SIE exam prep has been discontinued.

Like most of Wiley’s test prep courses, its SIE course includes its proprietary Efficient Learning platform. Wiley produces a single SIE online course, but you can choose whether you want a print or digital SIE prep book.

  Wiley SIE Prep Course  
Price $195 $175
Printed SIE textbook  
Digital SIE textbook  
Bite-size lessons and video lectures  
Performance tracker  
Digital study planner  
550+ SIE test bank  
Two full-length exams  
Access until you pass  

What We Like about Wiley SIE Prep

Wiley is different because no other company on our list offers access until you pass. So it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to pass the SIE Exam. As long as you log into Wiley’s software, you’ll keep receiving updated material. And that software is some of the best in the business, combining a performance tracker with a customized study planner for improved efficiency.

What We Don’t

Frankly, the Wiley price is too high considering the relatively small question bank and lack of a live SIE class. It’s not even clear whether there’s any instructor support at all. And at that point, you might as well pick a less expensive self-study course. Although the access until you pass is nice,

FAQs about the Best SIE Exam Prep Courses Online

Can I get SIE Exam study materials free?

FINRA provides an outline of the content you’ll need to know for the exam, as well as a full-length practice test. However, you’ll have to do your own legwork to gather the information you’ll need to study. Fortunately, many of the best SIE Exam prep courses online offer some kind of free trial to preview their materials. Although you won’t get a full course for free, you can at least ensure that you know what you’re getting before you buy.

Where can I schedule the SIE Exam?

In short, all SIE and Series exams must be scheduled through FINRA’s website. First, you’ll need to create an account there. Next, you can enroll as a new user with the Test Enrollment Services System and pay your exam fee. Finally, you can schedule the actual test. When you do, you can choose whether to take the test remotely or at a Prometric testing center.

How much does it cost to take the SIE Exam?

The exam fee is $80. If you need to take the test more than once, you’ll need to pay this fee each time.

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