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Important CFA Exam Dates 2023 (Don’t Miss the 2023 CFA Registration Deadline!)

CFA Exam Dates

The CFA Exam dates for 2023 are limited because CFA test dates are only offered during short windows. What’s more, the CFA exam schedule includes early-bird, registration, and scheduling deadlines for Levels 1, 2, and 3. Therefore, you need the CFA 2023 exam dates to register and make your exam appointment in advance. So in […]

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CFA Exam Results: How to Understand Your Score Report

Since the CFA Exam is offered two and four times a year, CFA Exam results are released two to three months after your CFA exam date. You’ll receive Level 1 or Level 2 results by email 60 days after the exam. You’ll receive Level 3 results by email 90 days after the exam. Given the […]

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CFA Ethics Level 1 Tips: 6 Actionable Strategies to Nail Your Exam

CFA ethics is one of the most important topics in the CFA program. It represents 15% in Level 1 and 10-15% in Level 2 and Level 3. A good performance in ethics can also earn you a pass in case you score at the borderline. CFA Level 1 Ethics The exam content includes the CFAI […]

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CFA Exam Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

cfa exam registration

The CFA exam registration is relatively simple. Here is a guideline for your information: CFA Exam Registration Procedure CFA candidates need to fulfill the following before they start the application process. 1. Education or Experience Requirements CFA candidates should have a bachelor degree from an accredited educational institution, or at least be in the final […]

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CAIA vs CFA: Competing or Complementary? Which is Better?

The CFA and CAIA designation attracts a very similar pool of candidates: those who are committed to a career in the field of investment and financial analysis. However, there are notable differences. These differences can help decide which designation to pursue or whether to go for one or both. CAIA vs CFA: A Comparison Similarities […]

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Best CFA Level 1 Books 2023: CFAI Curriculum, Kaplan Schweser, or Wiley?

cfa prep books

Choosing the best CFA books to study is a valid approach for your CFA exam preparation. However, if budget isn’t an issue, we’d highly recommend studying with a fully comprehensive CFA course. In contrast to a book, a full CFA course will include video lectures, test banks with interactive questions, virtual assistance from professors, and […]

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CFA Work Experience Requirement: Getting Your CFA Work Experience Approved

cfa work experience requirement

The 2 most significant obstacles you’ll face on your quest toward earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter are the CFA exam and the work experience requirement. The CFA exam contains 3 increasingly difficult levels and can take several years to complete, so it’s clearly a challenge. Additionally, the CFA work experience requirement is also […]

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How Many CFA Charterholders are there in the World?

CFAs are in high demand as major investment houses prefer to hire CFA charterholders in their asset management and research divisions. But do we have an actual number of CFA Charter holders around the world, and what do they do? Let’s take a look. Latest Number of CFA Charterholders and Members As of fiscal year […]

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CFA Exam Locations List (and Can I Change My Test Center Later?)


One of the reasons why Chartered Financial Analyst becomes a popular qualification is the institute’s willingness to offer CFA exam locations around the world. Aspiring CFAs can save travel and accommodation cost, and for many of them, the fact that they don’t need to deal with visa issues is one important reason why CFA Institute […]

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Why Get a CFA: CFA Benefits & Why the CFA Program Is Important

CFA designation

Why get a CFA? There is a tremendous amount of time and effort you must put into the CFA program. But what are the CFA benefits? Let’s take a look at the numerous CFA advantages and the important impact the program could have on your career. Why Get a CFA? 6 Career-Boosting CFA Benefits Among […]

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